As we work with variety of different industries and areas of digital presence, we tested many tools and software. Many of our clients ask us for recommendations on tools and software. On this page we decided to list all resources that we recommend. All tools and software divided by categories.


Convertkit – If you are looking for user-friendly and powerful email marketing platform – it is what you need. We have been using Convert Kif for over 2 years, and we are in love with it. It is very simple and easy to use, and at the same time it has all bells and whistles you need to fully leverage your list. Previously, we used Mailchimp and Maillite. The experience and features on ConvertKit is hard to compare to those platforms.

Active Campaign. It is very robust and flexible platform, but not user friendly at all. We would recommend it to those, who needs advanced level of email marketing. It has all functions you need, but it is little bit more complicated than Covert kit.

Drip. We personally do not use it, but we support 100s of clients on this platform, that say that this platform is something in the middle between convertkit and activecampaign. It has all functions and very flexible like activecampaign, but has user-friendliness like convertkit.

Klaviyo – the best of the best email marketing platforms for ecommerce businesses. Close to 95% of my ecommerce clients use klaviyo.

Woodpecker – is the best email marketing platform for sending out a cold email and following up. I recently asked on of my client “Just curious, how do you like woodpecker? Did it help your business to grow? Do you get new leads by using it?” and his response was “it is the best tool out there of its kind. It has literally generated thousands of dollars for me and my clients.” You can try it for free for 30 days. Click here. 


Smartsheet. It is a CRM, project management and lead generation tool. It even has more features to it. However, I use it only for CRM. Since I left my corporate job and started my consulting business, I learned one very important rule – “The Fortune is in the Follow-Up”. Smartsheet allowed me to stay on top of my game every day. It is simple and customizable. I like to call it Excel on steroids.

SharpSpring. it is a combination of email marketing, crm and inbound marketing platform. We support big companies on this platform, and see great results and major cost savings comparing to other similar platforms like Hubspot. We are official reseller of the licenses, so contact us if you interested to learn more about the software.


Asana. I worked as a project manager for 8+ years in  corporate America, and tested multiple tools like … but it is the best one so far. It is hard to compare with any other software. It is simple, easy to use and to put everybody on board with it.


Slack. We have text messages, facebook messenger, skype and etc. However, how can we separate business conversation and personal? Slack allows us to do it. Slack app is only for businesses, and only for team communication. I love it since the day I started using it.


Calendly. It is the one software I use to schedule all my in-person meetings, online calls and phone calls. It allows me to schedule meetings and not worry about double booking and meeting overlaps.


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