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Digital Consulting NYC is new york based digital consulting company, that helps small and mid-size businesses create or advance their online and social media presence. In general, as a team we cover all main areas of digital presence. However, each of our team members specialize on a specific niche, which makes us powerful, since we can advance each area of our clients’ digital presence.

Small or midsize businesses, that do their businesses for a while, sooner or later face the challenge of today’s fast growing technologies. In most cases, they are confident in what they want but they do not know where to start. That is why, in addition to narrow specialized niches, we provide consultation services, where we can strategize and present all options before people start investing money.

Business owners like to work with us because we think big and out of the box. However, we start with small steps. Even if the client’s budget is tight, we build an infrastructure, which will support the growth.

Please visit our “Projects’ “page to see some of the projects we did, and to schedule, a meeting with us go to “contact us” page.

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